Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quantum Shaman/ Medicine Woman

I am Roxanne Celestine.  I am a Quantum Shaman/Medicine Woman. This website will tell you about myself and the healing modalities and other "services" I offer.                                  
If your intentions are just to learn about the quantum physic biofeedback /scio please go to the page "About.'
 I will now move forward into the spectrum of what I have to offer.
CERTIFIED ETHERIC TEACHER / HEALER; the ensolf ray channels the galactic energies and rays from the central sun, the ensolf ray is the highest form of divinity that exists with and within the angelic realms to empower the light for healing.  we call it Nagual in native American teachings. in the kabbalah, these energies are called the rays of the first creation.  these are similar to reiki    to empower you to become attuned to them and initiate them into oneness .  The masters of these rays are: archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael,metatron, Quan Yin, St. Germaine, Master, Sananda, Master Sanat Kumara and your spirit guides  and guardians are also present during the 7th ray attunement.
MAGNETIC THERAPY; grounding and polarizing a person to the earth is  an  important part of the human bodies energy field.   I have learned that magnetics is a universal force that operates by precise laws of need and supply. hence I work  in  the channels of the clients polarity(energy fields}  to feel for strengths and weaknesses. using magnetic north to draw pain out of the person . and using polarity balancing to  charge  your magnetics.
CERTIFIED  REIKI  HEALER;  this is a healing modality using sacred symbols.
22 STRAND DNA ACTIVATIONS;  the king Solomon activations take place through a process known as rhythmic sound vibrational etheric material encoding.   your dna is unique and personal which contains the encoded information relative to both your physical and spiritual lineage.  ACTIVATING YOUR DNA allows you to come into your fullest potential manifesting what you desire because your dna is a blueprint of your life 's purpose and  devine potentials. this  is a  gift for the new humanity from adam kadmon.{read about it on the Internet}
HARMONIC CRYSTAL FREQUENCY CHAKRA  BALANCING; this facilitates healing for emotional, spiritual  mental and  the physical body.  by using the "solfeggio frequencies" with crystals this sends harmonic frequencies through the chakras bringing in color and light  to balance, tone, and remove blockages in the 7 chakras.
INITIATED HIGH PRIESTESS; through the 7th mystery school . I have learned how to work with all the masters and arch angels to be able to ask for assistance from the light  beings to facilitate healing work on many levels.    
SHAMAN/MEDICINE WOMAN;  I studied under  chief crazy bull a heyoka thunder dreamer who is a medicine man called crow dog.  I have done several vision quests, firewalls, sweat lodges and acquired my rites of passage through the ceremonies.
Crow dog was Jan Engles Smiths mentor who I  also studied under for 4 yrs.  She is a shaman and is the founder of "light song " where she continues her shamanic work. I received my name "bearfoot woman dancing feather running feet"  through my vision quests, and initiations. Crow Dog has now passed on . We loved him dearly.
HOMEOPATHIC / ALCHEMY and herbal MEDICINES;   I have been initiated into the 7th ray mystery school. I have studied essential  oils and their uses  I learned natural medicines while being  employed  as an assisstant    manager for 14 yrs at a health  food store .  I   studied the uses of   herbs,minerals and  vitamins.   I received  my credits through "White Dove" Bill Cunninghams" homeopathic course.
 I am also licensed through Quantum Alliance to be able to use these credentials for my clients needs.
ORDAINED MINISTER; I will perform shamanic weddings (in the traditional way) baptisms, last rites and funerals. 

Roxanne Celestine Pratt Quantum Shaman Medicine Woman